The Post Halloween Candy Blues 
The aftermath of trick-or-treating and she was so proud! As excited as she was my girl already knew that she would not be eating over a hundred pieces of candy. Bummer, right?

Not really when you pay attention and can tell that frequent treats make you feel off. When we fall off of the balance wagon and overindulge in too much sugar our bodies give us clues that something isn’t right. Maybe we notice new cold symptoms because we’ve suppressed our immune function or maybe we feel extra tired and more mentally sluggish than usual because our blood sugar levels aren’t where they should be. So what can we do about it?! Ah, so glad you asked!

First up on the suggestion list is to really pay attention to how you feel when you eat sugary foods. Maybe it’s three sweet treats that push you right over the edge. Or maybe it’s just one! When you are mindful of your body’s own limits you may be less likely to overindulge in the first place. But for the sake of all things yummy let's say that you do pay attention and you overdid it anyway. It happens! Here are a few post Halloween tricks to lean on as you repair.

- Reach for your water rather than for a caffeinated drink. This is the time to stay hydrated. I’ve put together 
helpful tips for doing this very thing.

- Fill your next snack or meal with foods that offer simple carbohydrates. Fresh fruits can be a great choice here.  

- Eat a meal, preferably one with a protein, before your next treat. This will slow the release of insulin making it less likely that you'll experience a major shift that lands you in a midday nap.  

I’m big on finding a happy medium rather than playing the “avoid it all“ game. You? If you're finding that you have a difficult time finding that happy medium I want to point to towards another resource to help you get there. It's 
a short and simple challenge that is sure to have you creating new healthy habits. Join my friend's challenge and be sure to report back to let us know how you're doing.

All tips aside, most of us have a specific thing or two that we simply cannot turn down post Halloween. Those peanut buttery chocolate treats are my favs. What is it for you?

Stay safe and be well friend, Shannon


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