The Problem with Toys
We're entering the season of toy commercials, Target catalogs, Prime Day, and those gigantic Santa lists! It brings good fun with a side of chaos, right? I'm a gifter myself so I love to shop and I love to see the excitement on little faces when they're ripping through all of that wrapping paper. I love it so much that I leave the mess for a bit every Christmas morning! It's what happens a few hours later that gets me. 

"I'm bored." 
"But there's nothing to do here!" 
"Why don't we have an (enter X Y Z) like they do?!"
"Mom what can I do?" 

Like, did they not just open lots of cool new things? How in the world could they even say this stuff!! This is the problem with toys. They look good, they feel good for a minute, and then they lose their appeal. So what can we do about that?!

Before you hit the stores and online shop spots for this year's Christmas lists let's think back to this time last year. Think back to the things on your get list for the kids. Think about the one thing they really enjoyed, maybe so much that it's still around and in use. Also, think about the things they ditched almost right away. 

As you're making those mental lists I want you to ask yourself a few questions. 

Did I buy that just to buy stuff? (Cut that out. Money saving opportunity right here!) 
Did the kids enjoy their solitary play things or the things that they do WITH someone else? 

I think that second question is telling. Some children love to get that Lego set for independent play. I'd be willing to bet though that most love that set only when it accompanies a friend, a sibling, or the one who gifted it, Y O U. The trouble with toys is that they don't always come with the time and attention from us that our children desire. When I'm hearing that awful B word (BORED) getting thrown around I take a minute to think about how long it's been since my girl and I sat down and just played. With a doll, with our favorite game, with a pillow during a tickle fight. Her bored is typically tied to my busy, and that's a sign for me to add a bit of play and spontaneity back to the to-do list. 

As I'm shopping this year I'm keeping that in mind. How about you?

In love,

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  1. WENDY SLAUGHTER  10/17/2020 01:22 PM Central
    I love all the things that you pointed out in this piece. I have also loved seeing my kids get so creative during this "covid season" when they say they are bored & then fill in the blank space with an activity that provides them with self care. Such as drawing, repainting bird houses or building a condo complex for the guinea pigs in the backyard. I've noticed when I am not quick to fill in the blank-that they are good at finding something to do. I also love the reminder to take notice of the time needed with each of our children. It is so easy to be "busy ourselves", so, thank you!

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