good clean water
why it's important
Around 60 percent of the body is made up of water and every cell in the body needs it. 
A general rule is to drink half of your body weight in ounces each day. 
For a 150 pound woman that's 75 ounces!  Are you drinking enough water?  

When I ask that question the majority say NO.  Full disclosure.  I have to WORK 
to ensure that I drink enough every day.  Let me share a few tips with you that have helped me. 
Keep a water bottle within reach throughout the day is a must.  Any water bottle that you can refill will do, but if you're like me and you need a fun motivational element one like this is perfection.  It's pretty common to see me drinking from my daughter's unicorn Tervis with a "drink water now" timeline too.  You do what you gotta do!

Drink water with at least two of your meals throughout the day. 

Use a straw.  I have no idea why this works but it’s like magic and I drink more!  I have several stainless straws that I like to use with cold water.  
They're inexpensive, easy to rinse for cleaning, and they'll last forever.  

Invest in a good water purification system.  A whole house system was not an option for us so we decided on a counter top system.  

Up your electrolyte intake. Electrolytes are substances that take on a charge when put into a solution. They're necessary for bodily function and crucial for proper nerve and muscle function, regulating blood pressure, and maintaining hydration.  One easy and effective way to keep your electrolyte count up is to use Himalayan pink salt to make a Sole solution. You'll need a glass water pitcher, Himalayan salt, and purified water. Begin with a quart of purified water in your glass pitcher and then saturate the water with finely grated Himalayan salt.  When the salt no longer dissolves you’ve saturated the water. Once you have add a few large chunks of Himalayan salt to the water and keep them there. Replenish the purified water as you drink it. 

water purification
Purifying our water has been a game changer.  All of our drinking and cooking water goes through this thing and we can taste the difference.  We opted for a Berkey model with an added fluoride filter and we absolutely love it.  

We are a family of four with pets.  We specifically chose the Big Berkey model. We fill the canister twice daily and we're all set!  Larger families would be wise to take a peek at the larger option.   

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