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for babies & toddlers
a cute illustration of perspective
a little kindness goes a long way
sometimes we need a minute to feel what we feel
for young children
a simple story that will encourage your young ones to act on those creative ideas
Birdie has a lot to say about the power of a smile!
beautiful reminders to show kindness to everyone, including yourself

beautifully illustrated and written in a way that makes our bible stories come to life for our young children
a must read for every parent and one to talk through with our children
it's funny because it's true! we always find both humor and teachable moments between these covers

teaching a powerful strategy, positive self-talk

 for tweens & teens
a beautiful tale about the power of visualization and the gift of friendship
empathy, compassion, acceptance, and hope - you'll find it all right here
for girls, friendship is more than "follows" and 'likes" - this biblical perspective offers a 7 week study

needing something more?

Looking for something more than a book to get yourself or your teen on track?  
Look no further.  My self-paced courses are just what you need.  

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