your wellness plan using energetic biofeedback 
Learn your body's biological preferences to establish a better wellness path for yourself and your family.  

what this looks like

  • In-person OR virtual consultations and energetic biofeedback sessions
  • Thorough review of session results with accompanying wellness plan
  • Exclusive online education opportunities
  • Follow-up discussion & wellness plan review
how does energetic biofeedback work

Your bodily functions are controlled by electrical systems and your skin happens to be a good conductor of energy. Even the slightest electrical signal can be measured to gather baseline data about your body. Skin conductance, also known as galvanic skin response, displays subtle changes in the body's autonomic nervous system (ANS) and psychological state. Those changes are measured and display patterns of coherence in regards to which wellness products are most in alignment with your body's biological preferences.

The device used is the only FDA approved galvanic skin response device on the market. The constant voltage emitted by the device is unperceived by most. Shannon has safely assisted hundreds of clients of all ages with this technology. 

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